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Essential '90s Rock Soundtracks


Damn the man! Save the empire! And read up on some of the most crucial soundtracks of the 1990s.

More '90s Rock Necessities
90s Rock Spotlight10

Smells Like a Parody - ‘Weird Al’ Yankovic Lampoons ‘90s Rock

Before he was inflicting "Mandatory Fun" on listeners, "Weird Al" Yankovic was delivering top-notch comedic versions of songs by the Red Hot Chili Peppers, the Offspring and other huge '90s Rock bands.

Interview - Royston Langdon of Spacehog

Glamorous, giddy and over the top - rock still rules when Spacehog is in town.

Interview - Dave Pirner of Soul Asylum

The ‘Runaway Train’ writer has a soft spot for EDM.

Veruca Salt Are Golden Again

Musical Valkyries Nina Gordon and Louise Post bury the hatchet, finally.

Interview - Glen Phillips of Toad the Wet Sprocket

The "All I Want" singer shares about touring with Counting Crows, and countering depression with productivity.

Top 10 Courtney Love Songs

Courtney Love and Hole were trailblazers for women in rock. See why "Celebrity Skin," "Violet" and "Drown Soda" are among their best releases.

Eels Are Sleek and Humorous in Concert

The "Novocaine for the Soul" group un-numbs and calls on Steve Perry to lend a hand live in Los Angeles.

Stone Temple Pilots - 'Purple'

STP's sophomore album turns 20 and reveals there's more than meets the eye.

Essential '90s Rock Documentaries

Grunge gods to Green Day make our list for the must-watch docs of the 1990s.

Interview - Stephen Perkins of Jane's Addiction

Stephen Perkins looks back on 25 years of Nothing's Shocking-- and looks forward to teaching aspiring sticksmen his tricks of the trade.

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